Discover the enchanting attractions!



Lifelike dinosaurs


The most beautiful horse in the world!
Anubis The Ride

Anubis The Ride

An exciting launchcoaster!
Balloon Race

Balloon Race

A marvellous round in the air
Big & Betsy Hoeve

The Big & Betsy Farm

The charming old farm
Bumba's Speeltuin

Bumba's Playground

The best playground for the little ones!

The Merry-go-Round

Beautiful nostalgic merry-go-round
De Bloemenmolen

The Flowery Merry-go-Round

The wonderful world of Maya the Bee!
De Brandweer

The Fire Brigade

Help extinguish the fire
De Dansende Fonteinen

The Dancing Fountains

Ideal refreshment at warm temperatures!
De Dierenmolen

The Animal Carousel

Fun guaranteed for the little ones!
De Doorloopweide

The Animal Farm

Admire the animals from up-close
De Draak

The Dragon

A swirling rollercoaster!
De Eenden

The Ducks

Quack Quack!
De Emmer

The Bucket

The ideal destination on a hot summer day!