Halloween Scare Nights

Halloween Scare Nights

Scary rats, a demon terrorising parties and a freaky candy baron: the Halloween Scare Nights in Plopsaland De Panne will surpass your worst nightmares! No less than 3 blood-new free haunted houses, 2 scare zones and dozens of monsters are waiting for you... do you dare to confront them?

3 blood-curdling haunted houses

MAD Rat by Fanta - NEW
Trapped like rats, that's your fate if you want to explore this ghetto despite all the warnings. To get out of this labyrinth alive, you have to make the right choices and be quick! Disturbed rats are hot on your heels, any wrong move could be fatal. So: run for your life!

Krampus - NEW
Krampus has struck again during a Christmas dinner. A family with naughty children and parents who no longer believe in Father Christmas have fallen victim to this demon's dark powers.

CandyStein by Trésor - NEW
Do you fancy a sweet? Dr CandyStein will be happy to show you around his candy factory CandyStein. But don't be tempted by the sweet smells and bright colours. Dr CandyStein produces candy for the underworld made of... humans!

2 terrifying scare zones

When darkness falls over the charming farmhouse and the plague doctor awakens, he turns the scarecrows into living bloodthirsty monsters. They have only one goal: to terrorise the villagers. Do you dare step inside this farmstead?

Wickieland is once again plagued by the bloodthirsty vikings of the stranded ghost ship Skrämma. Do you dare face the crew during this tempestuous night?


  • Haunted houses are closed attractions and only accessible to people over 14 years of age.
  • Visitors over the age of 12 must always be recognisable. No face masks or make-up may be worn.

This event will take place at...

Oct '23
Nov '23