Plopsa Balloon

Plopsa Balloon

Plopsa Balloon: a unique aerial Plopsa experience

Experience the magic of Plopsa from the air! A unique aerial Plopsa experience, of at least an hour’s duration, during which you enjoy breath-taking views and a bottle of exclusive Plopsa champagne.


The spectacular Plopsa Balloon, decorated with Studio 100’s most popular characters, provides room for 4 people for €750.


10% discount for Plopsa annual passholders

Plopsa annual passholders are eligible for a 10% discount. The discount is only applicable with at least 1 valid Plopsa-FunCard or Plopsa-GoldCard ≥ 1m per flight. Price for annual passholders: €675.

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Please contact our balloonist to make an appointment:

Yves Lannoy Ballooning
Ambachtsstraat 12
2450 Meerhout

Telephone: +32 478 515 730
Email address: