Discover the enchanting attractions!

Kaatje Zoekt Eendje

Tik Tak

Enjoy the boat trip


The most beautiful horse in the world!
Balloon Race

Balloon Race

A marvellous round in the air
De Tuin van Big

Big's Garden

Built especially for the youngest!
Bumba's Speeltuin

Bumba's Playground

The best playground for the little ones!
De Ploptuin

Plop's Garden

Experience the craziest gnome adventures!
Het Bos van Plop

Plop's Woods

Wonderful boat trip through the real gnome forest!


Get in your favourite jeep
De Dierenmolen

The Animal Carousel

Fun guaranteed for the little ones!
De Doorloopweide

The Animal Farm

Admire the animals from up-close
Het Ballenbad

The Ball Bath

The biggest ball bath in the country
Big & Betsy Hoeve

The Big & Betsy Farm

The charming old farm
De Emmer

The Bucket

The ideal destination on a hot summer day!

The Bumper Cars

Hit the pedal, steer and bump away!
De Glijbaan

The Chute

One of the longest chutes in the country!
De Klimboom

The Climbing Tree

Loads of fun climbing, crawling, and sliding!