Do you want to spend a day at one of our parks? The Plopsa parks were designed with the utmost care and attention for all our visitors. Our parks are easily accessible for wheelchair users. We also have special facilities for them.

You can use your own wheelchair during your visit or reserve a wheelchair. It is recommended to reserve your wheelchair in advance via this link. The number of wheelchairs available is limited.

The following guide was compiled to enrich your stay in our parks and prepare for your day as effectively as possible. It provides an overview of the facilities and services that you can use. It contains the necessary specific information and can be obtained for free at the check-outs and at the park’s reception desk. If you have more questions concerning  this matter, please contact

Persons with disabilities


All the Plopsa parks have adapted and reserved parking spaces. These places are available for holders of a parking card for people with disabilities. We charge a fee for parking for everyone.


Plopsa offers special rates for persons with disabilities. These tickets are only for sale at the information desk in the Plopsa parks. Our employees are not entitled to make any judgement of a (non) visible disability. In that way, therefore we always ask to show us a valid statement (*) of an independent doctor confirming that you are not able to enjoy the park without help and / or enjoy our attractions and / or are unable to stand in queues. If you are a wheelchair user or blind, you’re not obliged to take this declaration with you. The attendants of wheelchair users and blind persons get free access to the park. Other supervisors must pay the regular price. After purchasing your ticket, you will get a bracelet. This gives you access to the exit of the attractions. Please always wear your bracelet and show it when somebody asks you.

(*) The statement can be up to 1 year old.


European Disability Card aims at promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities. Plopsa is also part of the network that accepts the card. On presentation of your European Disability Card you obtain a discount on your ticket >1m at the cash desk of a Plopsa park.

More information or a European Disibilty Card can be requested here.

Priority wristbands

Presenting your European Disability Card at the reception desk of our parks is sufficient to benefit from the preferential rates, but unfortunately not to make use of the priority wristbands for attractions. To be able to make use of the priority wristbands, we therefore ask you to bring along a certificate from an independent doctor. This certificate may be no more than 1 year old and must confirm that the person in question is mentally and/or physically unable to sit in long queues. A valid attestation from the FPS can also be used for this purpose, provided that at least 7 points are allocated to it in total (in all pillars combined). Wheelchair users and blind people do not have to submit these certificates.

To minimise waiting times, we ask you to print out and fill in the form below in advance.