Park map

Anubis The Ride

Anubis The Ride

An exciting launchcoaster!
De Eenden

The Ducks

Quack Quack!
Balloon Race

Balloon Race

A marvellous round in the air


Ship ahoy sturdy little pirates!
De Vliegende Fietsen

The Flying Bikes

The harder you pedal, the higher you fly!
Heidi The Ride

Heidi The Ride

A superfast wooden coasters!


The most beautiful horse in the world!
Bumba's Speeltuin

Bumba's Playground

The best playground for the little ones!

The Merry-go-Round

Beautiful nostalgic merry-go-round
Big & Betsy Hoeve

The Big & Betsy Farm

The charming old farm
De Bloemenmolen

The Flowery Merry-go-Round

The wonderful world of Maya the Bee!
De Dansende Fonteinen

The Dancing Fountains

Ideal refreshment at warm temperatures!
De Dierenmolen

The Animal Carousel

Fun guaranteed for the little ones!
De Doorloopweide

The Animal Farm

Admire the animals from up-close
De Draak

The Dragon

A swirling rollercoaster!
De Emmer

The Bucket

The ideal destination on a hot summer day!
De Glijbaan

The Chute

One of the longest chutes in the country!
De Grote Golf

The Big Wave

All tough vikings ashore!
De Hangbrug

The Suspension Bridge

For really sturdy sea dogs!
De Kikkers

The Frogs

Do you croackalong?
De Klimboom

The Climbing Tree

Loads of fun climbing, crawling, and sliding!
De Koffiekopjes

The Coffee Cups

This will be fun!
De Konijntjes

The Rabbits

Go on discovery on the back of a rabbit!

The Pirate Ship

Ship Ahoy mateys!
De Piratenspeeltuin

The Pirates' Playground

For small pirates
De Ploptuin

Plop's Garden

Experience the craziest gnome adventures!
De Swingboom

The Swinging Tree

A good dose of dizzy butterflies!
De Tractors

The Tractors

An instructive ride through the field!
De Tuin van Big

Big's Garden

Built especially for the youngest!
De Valtoren

The Falling Tower

You soar to great heights!
De Waterlelies

The Water Lilies

Fancy floating around on a real water lily?
Het Ballenbad

The Ball Bath

The biggest ball bath in the country
Het Bos van Plop

Plop's Woods

Wonderful boat trip through the real gnome forest!
Het Spinnenweb

The Spider's Web

Would you dare to climb?
Het Verkeerspark

The Traffic Park

Get acquainted with the traffic rules in a pleasant way
Het Vlot

The Raft

Warm up those stiff arm muscles
Kaatje Zoekt Eendje

Tik Tak

Enjoy the boat trip
Mega Mindy Jetski

Mega Mindy Jet-ski

Get seated behind the wheel of your own Jet-ski!
Plopsa Express

Plopsa Express

All aboard!
K3 Roller Skater

K3 Roller Skater

In a fantastic Roller Disco theme!
Rox Flyer


Float along to a height of almost 70 meters!


Get in your favourite jeep

The Bumper Cars

Hit the pedal, steer and bump away!
Storm op Zee

Storm At Sea

Drift with the wild waves!
Viktors Race

#LikeMe Coaster

A musical adventure with #LikeMe

The Pedal Boats

Navigate your own boat!
Wickie The Battle

Wickie The Battle

Are you as cool as Vic The Viking?


Let’s whirl around!
Willies Speeltuin

Willy's Playground

Plenty of climbing, scrambling, twisting, and sliding fun!


Lifelike dinosaurs
The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland
Ride to Happiness Best New Coaster

The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland

Nr. 1 - Best new coaster in Europe
Mr. Spaghetti

Mr. Spaghetti

Het gezelligste restaurant van Plopsaland!

Pirates' Grill

A sturdy sea dog should have a firm meal every day.

Maya's Restaurant

Welcome to Maya's kitchen!
Plop hamburger

Plop Hamburger Restaurant


K3's kitchen

viking snack

Viking Grill

peter's snack

Pizza Hut

Opening: summer 2021
Panos dorpsplein

Panos Village Square

panos halvar

Panos Halvar’s Sandwich

FC de kampioenen

F.C. De Kampioenen Café

ton van plop

Plop's barrel

gouden wafel

The Golden Waffle



frituur de puntzak

French fries

bicky corner

Bicky Corner

bbq dorpsplein

Barbecue Village Square




Blabbermouth's corner

de koets

The Coatch

chez Albert


platte steen

The flat stone

prinsessia restaurant

Prinsessia Restaurant

prinsessia tearoom

Prinsessia Tearoom

frits & frats

Frits & Frats

wickie hotdog

Wickie's Hotdog

big en betyyhoeve

Big & Betsy Farm

Mevrouw Praline

Mevrouw Praline

Albertos churros

Alberto's Churros

Hollandse poffertjes

Poffertjes from Holland

Ylva's fruit

Ylva's Fruit

bbq dorpsplein

Barbecue Castle Square


De Tapmobiel





Opening: summer 2021
Joe Bar

Joe Bar at the Plopsa Hotel

At the Plopsa Hotel
Proximus Cocktailbar in het Plopsa Hotel

Proximus Cocktailbar at the Plopsa Hotel

... at the Plopsa Hotel
Restaurant Le Grand Buffet in het Plopsa Hotel

Restaurant Le Grand Buffet at the Plopsa Hotel

... at the Plopsa Hotel
Dunkin' Donuts


A donut paradise!
Frituur De Spiegeltent

Frituur De Spiegeltent

New as from 2 April 2023
Bumba Snack

Bumba Snack

New as from 2 April 2023


Wickie's Shop

Vic's Shop

Plop Shop

The Plop Shop

Prinsessia Boutique

Prinsessia Boutique

De Plopsa Winkel

The Plopsa Shop

De Plopsa Winkel

The Plopsa Shop

Heidi Shop

Heidi Shop

Heidi Shop

Heidi Shop

Piraten Winkel

Pirates' Outlet


#LikeMe Shop


#LikeMe Shop

De Kasteelwinkel

The Castle Shop

The Ride to Happiness Shop

The Ride to Happiness Shop

Opening: summer 2021

Proximus Theater

Kiosk Dorpsplein

Kiosk Kermisplein

Plopsa Hotel

Plopsaqua De Panne

Ticket vending machine

Parking ticket vending machine


Silent room

First aid


People Dryer by Remeha

People Dryer by Remeha