Discover the enchanting attractions!



Lifelike dinosaurs
Mega Mindy Jetski

Mega Mindy Jet-ski

Get seated behind the wheel of your own Jet-ski!


Ship ahoy sturdy little pirates!
De Emmer

The Bucket

The ideal destination on a hot summer day!
De Dansende Fonteinen

The Dancing Fountains

Ideal refreshment at warm temperatures!
De Brandweer

The Fire Brigade

Help extinguish the fire
De Bloemenmolen

The Flowery Merry-go-Round

The wonderful world of Maya the Bee!

The Pedal Boats

Navigate your own boat!
De Piratenspeeltuin

The Pirates' Playground

For small pirates
Het Vlot

The Raft

Warm up those stiff arm muscles
De Hangbrug

The Suspension Bridge

For really sturdy sea dogs!
Wickie The Battle

Wickie The Battle

Are you as cool as Vic The Viking?