Discover the enchanting attractions!

De Glijbaan

The Chute

One of the longest chutes in the country!
De Klimboom

The Climbing Tree

Loads of fun climbing, crawling, and sliding!
De Koffiekopjes

The Coffee Cups

This will be fun!
De Dansende Fonteinen

The Dancing Fountains

Ideal refreshment at warm temperatures!
De Draak

The Dragon

A swirling rollercoaster!
De Eenden

The Ducks

Quack Quack!
De Valtoren

The Falling Tower

You soar to great heights!
De Bloemenmolen

The Flowery Merry-go-Round

The wonderful world of Maya the Bee!
De Vliegende Fietsen

The Flying Bikes

The harder you pedal, the higher you fly!
De Kikkers

The Frogs

Do you croackalong?

The Merry-go-Round

Beautiful nostalgic merry-go-round

The Pedal Boats

Navigate your own boat!

The Pirate Ship

Ship Ahoy mateys!
De Piratenspeeltuin

The Pirates' Playground

For small pirates
De Konijntjes

The Rabbits

Go on discovery on the back of a rabbit!
Het Vlot

The Raft

Warm up those stiff arm muscles