Children are measured with shoes on, except in Plopsaqua.

At the cash register
Individual Ticket < 85cm
At the cash register Free
Individual Ticket ≥ 85 cm - ≤ 99 cm
At the cash register € 13,50
Online € 13,50
Individual Ticket ≥ 1m
At the cash register € 38,50
Online € 38,50
Evening ticket

Only valid during one of the evening shifts during the period with corona measures. Check the opening hours for days with an evening shift. More info

Online € 28,50
Individual senior 70+

Only on presentation of your identity card! No reimbursements possible.

At the cash register € 13,50
Online € 13,50
Disabled Guests

Upon presentation of an official docment.

At the cash register € 33,50
At the cash register € 12,00
Online € 12,00
Combination tickets train + ticket


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